Why buy a Bull-pup Shotgun or Rifle ?

Why buy a Bull-pup Shotgun or Rifle ?

Mike @ AIM on 2020 Jun 19th

A "bull-pup" firearm is one that has its action and trigger behind the actual trigger group. From first look you can easily distinguish a bull-pup style from a regular firearm by the location of the mag and the different reloading movements of the shooter.

The bull-pup was designed to reduce the overall length and weight of a firearm without sacrificing on barrel length, velocity, and accuracy. In order to achieve this, many of the vital firearm components and actions are located in the stock section of the firearm, an area otherwise typically reserved for comfort and recoil management. Due to this, you should not expect much more than a cheek riser in regards to the stock adjustment capability of your new bull-pup.


- Increased maneuverability due to more compact design

- Less shooter fatigue when shooting from a standing position 

- Faster target acquisition


- Weight displacement being heavier in the rear can be challenging for many shooters

- Casing Ejection so close to the body can pose problems for left handed shooters

( many models have downward or modified ejection to combat this issue)

- More dangerous when misfires occur while shooting as the action is much closer to the shooters face.

In conclusion, the Bull-pup Style Rifles and Shotguns can be an excellent choice for shooters in confined spaces and thick bush. Lots of range time is recommended to familiarize the shooter with the firearm's operation and gauge it's performance and reliability with different ammunition varieties.