First Handgun?

First Handgun?

Mike @ AIM on 2020 Jun 22nd

So you’ve just received your new RPAL and are excited to get shooting …

Here’s a few things to consider:

#1. For Restricted firearms you will need a range membership. Research and call all the local shooting ranges. Most of them will have waiting lists and a qualification process that you must wait through. Tailor your expectations.

#2. Once you’ve selected a shooting range and have enrolled in their on-boarding process, find out if they have rental firearms available to members, if so – you will likely be using one of their range pistols for your qualification shoot.

#3. If you’re range has rentals or you have a network of friends with their own restricted firearms, endeavour to try as many as possible before your purchasing decision. There is no perfect gun for everyone as we all have different size hands, fingers, and various shooting tendencies.

#4. Go with 9mm. It is reliable and affordable to shoot which is an extremely important element to expanding your skills. 9mm also has a manageable recoil and is the perfect gateway into the various larger calibres.

#5. Plan to spend as much on ammunition as you do on your firearm during your first purchase process. This is manageable due to the wait-times of a restricted firearm transfer.

For Example if you have $800 of disposable income designated for your handgun purchase, look for a $400 firearm and once the transfer is completed and your retailer reaches out (1-6 weeks later), purchase $400 of ammunition to use up over time.

#6. 150-300 Rounds per shooting session. Less and you haven’t seized the opportunity to expand on your skills efficiently. More and you are shooting the excess rounds for leisure and will expand no more or less on your skill development (which is still okay).

Best 9mm handgun for the beginner:

There’s a world of options!

Here’s a few of our recommendations:

#1 Glock

The G17 is one of the most common handguns sold in North America each year and for good reason. Glocks are easy for anyone to shoot regardless of your hand size and whether you’re a right or left handed shooter. Glocks are also reliable and require less TLC than the average pistol. This is a great firearm to own as your first while you become accustomed to the regular cleaning and maintenance requirements of a handgun. Lastly, Glocks do not depreciate much so if you decide to trade it in down the road you won’t stand to lose a fortune.

Browse our Glock selection by clicking the link below:§ion=product

#2 Walther Creed


#3 Tara Pistol


#4 Girsan MC28


#5 CZ P10-F