Canadian Gun Ban - Advice to Legal Firearm Owners

Canadian Gun Ban - Advice to Legal Firearm Owners

Mike @ AIM on 2020 Jun 1st

This is indeed a strange and uncertain time for the legal firearms community in Canada. 

Just in time for the re-opening of shooting ranges , an order in council made approximately 1500 different makes and models of firearms, newly prohibited items. Throughout the course of the last month, a few hundred more were added to the list - with no indication as to:

a) When they will cease prohibiting firearm models

b) What models are next on the chopping block

However, it is evident that the gun ban is indiscriminate of classification (restricted, non-restricted), primarily focused on tactical "military-style" firearms (Semi-Automatic, Mag-Fed), and does not include ALL shotguns despite the confusion around newly prohibited bore-diameters. 

What we recommend to the firearm community at this time:

Stay informed about the firearms that you own!

We recommend checking the status of your firearms on a website such as (who seem to be doing a great job at staying current and covering the ban) 

Simply search the make and model of each of your guns before taking them to the range, hunting, out for service/maintenance, or even target shooting on your property!!